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MAM Manual Breast Pump With MAM Anti-colic 160ml Bottle
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--Product Description
*Easy to use, gentle and individually adjustable
*Consists of only four parts - quick to assemble, clean and sterilise
*Allows mums to directly express breast milk into a baby bottle or into the MAM Breast Milk Storage Solution
*Includes 1 MAM Easy Start Bottle 160ml

--Product Details
Expressing breast milk is essential for many reasons - to relieve very full breasts, to stimulate milk production, to store additional supply of milk or to be more flexible in your baby's feeding. But more importantly, breast milk is vital to babys development.

The MAM Manual Breast Pump is an equal blend of function and design. It was developed with great attention to detail and it is easy to adjust to suit individual needs.

Expressing milk is simple with the MAM Manual Breast Pump.

Mums can adjust the pumps suction strength individually using the selector dial. By turning it all the way to the right and holding the position for three seconds, lots of breast milk can be expressed quickly and easily.

The funnel is angled slightly and can be rotated 360-degrees, allowing mums to find the position they are comfortable in. The soft cushions in the funnel also provide a secure fit and a comfortable feeling while expressing.

With the MAM Manual Breast Pump, breast milk can be directly expressed into a baby bottle for fast, flexible and convenient feeding. Breast milk can also be expressed straight into the MAM Breast Milk Storage Solution and kept in a refrigerator, freezer or for on-the-go.

The MAM Manual Breast Pump consists of only four parts, making it very quick and easy to assemble, clean and sterilise.

Together with other MAM products, the MAM Manual Breast Pump is scientifically-proven and developed in cooperation with the International Children Medical Research Society (ICMRS), pediatricians, developmental pedagogues and midwives. Only after the approval of our experts is a MAM innovation truly ready for baby life.

--Additional information
*How to Use
Use the MAM Manual Breast Pump for a pleasant and simple expression of breast milk.

*Best Used With
Use with MAM Easy Start Bottle that comes with the breast pump or with the MAM Breast Milk Storage Solution.

--What's Included
1 x MAM Manual Breast Pump
1 x MAM Easy Start 160ml bottle

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