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Pink Cote Cuisine Wooden Kitchen Set with Clock & Pix of Birds
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  • No hammering is needed, all done and set up with the allen key provided.
  • The dials on the stove actually make a clicking sound when turned
  • Some starter accessories include three pieces of cooking utensils that can easily hang on the back wall
  • pan with egg, a pot with lid, and an oven mitt, just nice for her little hand.

You'll fell in love with this sweet, pretty pink set! Sweet enough for little girls!

They say too many cooks spoil the broth but one little chef will be extremely happy if they owned this little kitchen! Beautifully crafted, adorable, and cute, what more could we ask for! The kitchen comes complete with a shiny sink, magnetized utensil rack, clicking hob controls, turning oven knobs, and plenty of storage for all those pots and pans. With plank in the middle to divide the space into 2 tiers. On the left, there is a door designed to look like an oven while on the right, it is the door to the cabinet to store the utensils. But once you open the doors, it can serve as a storage space for the cutleries and utensils.

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